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Glossary terms for 'G'

GeneralizabilityThe degree to which the results in a study sample are thought to apply to other populations. For example, the reviewer questioned the generalizability of the reported 90% success rate of intraluminal radioablation of lower esophageal webs, because the procedures were all performed by the gastroenterologist who had invented and then perfected the technique in 350 patients, whereas most practicing gastroenterologists would see only a handful of patients with the same problem in their careers.
Gold standardAn unambiguous method of determining whether or not a patient has a particular disease or outcome. For example, the gold standard for the diagnosis of hip fracture required radiologic confirmation by a board-certified radiologist.

Glossary material from Hulley SB et al. Designing Clinical Research, 4th ed. Philadelphia, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2013.