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Resources for DCR Instructors

We teach a 2-month Designing Clinical Research course with weekly meetings and 1-month course with twice-a-week meetings as part of the UCSF Training in Clinical Research (TICR) program.   The assignments help the students systematically build a research protocol, one or two pieces at a time.  The classes consist of 1-hour lectures followed by small group sessions lasting about 2 hours, at which students help each other understand the material and develop their research protocols.

If you are teaching a similar class, you may find our materials helpful.  If you link to the 2-month or 1-month DCR course, then click on “Syllabus” along the left side, you can find recordings of all of the lectures, the homework assignments for each week, and additional recommended and required readings for our courses.  In addition, because we always have some section leaders who have not previously taught DCR, we have faculty notes for each session, that provide suggestions on teaching this material and how to allocate the small group time.

We hope you find these materials helpful!

Syllabi for 2-Month and 1-Month DCR Courses

2-Month DCR Workshop (including Syllabus and Lecture Videos)

1-Month DCR Workshop (including Syllabus and Lecture Videos)

Faculty Notes for 2-Month DCR Course

Small Group Sessions 1 to 3

Small Group Sessions 4 to 7